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Re: Adderall Agitation / Anxiety

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Thanks for the response Veronica. What I’m taking away is that I need to document my experiences more. I’ve never been much of a ‘self-quantifier’, which is part of the challenge. It sounds like it was a good experience to stop for a short time to reassess.

Many times when I feel anxious, upon reflection the whole experience was conjured up in my mind. This confirms to me that it is medication related. But the thing that I don’t understand yet is that 2, 3, 4 hours after my dose, I feel very good and competent. Then, when it seems that I come down from this ‘high’ I experience a period of agitation. Its something that I can deal with in the same way you are. But the question I have to ask (myself, my psychiatrist, other forums) is: could this be an indication that I’m taking too much? not enough? Or do I need to take something that stretches out longer like XR? I’m thinking the last option is what I want to try.