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Re: Adderall increasing forgetfullness

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I haven’t found the Adderall (starting the XR version for other reasons later this month)to cause an increase or change in my short term memory. Almost the opposite because I’ve found that I concentrate better when I first place some object somewhere or schedule some upcoming chore. So, it usually comes pretty quickly to mind when I try to recall it. Its been a Godsend to me, after so many years, to be able to actually concentrate and “stop the rollercoaster.” And I was a big skeptic of using a stimulant for ADD before I read about it, talked to my Dr. and tried it. To me, giving a stimulant to someone with ADD/ADHD would seem to adding fuel to an uncontrolled fire! But, after trying the medication, the “fire” that I would miss (really, my “creativity”) is still there but its now controlled and better directed.