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“Plus … The Pharma people are just getting ready to make a big push on their new ADD product, Vyvanse. My Doctor tells me this is because Adderall is now available (will be available?) in generic form and the Pharma-gang want a new high-priced ADD Med to replace it.”

i’m in the states. dunno where you and bishop are, but here i get my generic brand for $15. $15 for an entire month’s supply.

thanks for the info, glen… really! it’s insightful and interesting to say the least. i’ve found myself being more aware of my body and it’s corks while on this med and also found my attitude toward handling things to be a more positive one.

i meet with the doc tomorrow about the tics. glen, do yours come on if you’re really tired? just wondering b/c the other night i couldn’t stop and i was really tired…. my hubby and i were just sitting watching t.v. it was so sudden and didn’t stop for about 30 seconds (which feels like a lifetime). my husband finally asked if i was ok, and i had to concentrate really hard on “not moving”, but to no avail. i just excused myself and went to the restroom. they finally stopped. but it got me thinking that i’d not had one of those type of episodes in a while.

“Re appetite: Ah, now here’s a topic I KNOW. <g> Had to do a lot of research on this because the subject comes up all the time.

Here’s what I’ve found (for ME). All of these meds really don’t affect your appetite, they affect your appetite TRIGGER. What disappears on meds is the SENSATION that you’re hungry. It feels like you’ve lost your appetite, but you really haven’t.

It took me a while to realize that, while I didn’t sense the need to eat, all I had to do was place food in front of me and I DEVOURED it.”

i understand it’s the trigger sensation of hunger that’s affected; however, i have to wait till my meds are slowly “exiting” my body to feel any ounce of that trigger sensation return. currently i’m on a 2-a-day, 20-mg. i take one at about 730 or 8 and the following around 1, so i have breakfast before the first and lunch prior to the second, but somehow by the time dinner comes around the sensation i’d expect to have returned doesn’t…. so i find myself forcing the food down my throat. fun!

aside from that one side effect, i’m cool with the meds. i don’t have insomnia. which is nice. :D