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  • veronica
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    i figure i’d start the thread for adderall related questions only. cuz i have quite a few.

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    question #1: is it normal to feel an “instant gratification” sensation when you start to take it? or is this medication something that should take a while for you to notice a difference?

    question #2: once you start taking it, is there anything that i should be on the look-out for that’s NOT normal?

    i’ll post more as they come.

    thanks in advance for your responses.


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    I haven’t been on Aderall myself (I’m hoping to finally get it though), but what I have been able to find out, is that the instant gratification effect is very common.

    Good luck with it! ^^


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    Hi Veronica,

    I definitely noticed “Instant Gratification” in my ability to stay focused.


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    I really wish that were the case with the Ritalin I’ve been prescribed. I’m on 5mg /day to see if there are any adverse reactions but I feel no different and no more focused than usual…

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    awe, bishop… it’s actually weird to have the instant gratification. i’m on day 6 and coming down from that “high”.

    any hoots, next question…. hunger. i lack a feeling of hunger since i started taking the meds. do you get this feeling back eventually?

    oh! and headaches…. i saw the side effects my include headaches… does this mean i need to adjust the dose, or are these fairly common when you start and then they fade away?


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    prepare to have to learn how to force feed your self…

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    Oddly, I don’t have any issues with appetite…then again, I am on the same dose they gave the mouse that eats what I leave behind.

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    belien, i’ve already begun that process. and it’s something i believe i majorly have a problem with. this will be addressed with my doc.

    thanks for the input!

    bishop, you crack me up. so how long are you on rit? when will they re-evaluate the med choice?

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    I’ve been on Rit for exactly a week. I WAS taking 5mg/day (supposed to for 15 days then switch to 5mg 2x/day but for the past two days, I’ve taken 10mg in the morning. Aside from feeling like I’ve had a big glass of Red Bull, I don’t feel any different at all in terms of focus or clarity of thought. No different really from the focus or clarity of thought you’d get from having that much caffeine. I’m sleeping terribly, my stomach is all over the place and in the afternoon/evening, I crash something fierce. I’m calling my Dr. right now…if this is what I’m supposed to feel like to gain some semblance of normalcy, then it is definitely not the right med and I need to get this fixed.

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    bishop… how’s it going? what did the doc say?

    ok, on the the next Q. when the meds “release” throughout the day, is it normal to feel a sensation that you are woozy?

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    He hasnt returned my call. Apparently, he “isnt good on the phone” which “isnt good for me”. I want a Dr that’s going to be there to provide assistance and professional advice when I need it, even if it is a few days – not a week or more.

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    I’ve just been Rx’d Adderal XR 20mg/day. I’ll be interested to see the difference. One MAJOR difference I noticed immediately was the price!! $108 for 30 pills???? good Lord! Compare that with $18 for Ritalin! Yikes.

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    Okay folks.

    Let me get in on this.

    I’ve been on meds since 1995.

    Started with Ritalin (cause that’s pretty much all there was). Initially it was WONDERFUL, but I quickly noticed my ADD got REALLY bad when it wore off.

    Have since learned (especially when making emergency drives for Children’s Aid to pick up ADD kids, gone ballistic, ) this is “Ritalin re-bound.”

    My PERSONAL feeling is that short term Rit’s day is done & gone. Several ADD Docs have told me – it works 2.5 hours – with luck – and then, you get re-bound.

    Slow release Rit is better, but doesn’t give the 6 hours of relief claimed. 4 hours is more like it (FOR ME) and you still get rebound (though not as bad as short term Rit).

    (If it was up to me, I’d ban short term Rit altogether.)

    My Doc switched me to Dexedrine Spansules (Slo-release). Much better and I was on them for years … BUT … in time I got rebound from them as well, my anger got worse, and my Tourettes Tics were horrific.

    I now think of Dex as “poison” FOR ME.

    Tried Concerta. Didn’t work.

    Tried Strattera. Nothing.

    Tried Wellbutrin. Made me ANGRY.

    Same with other SSRI’s (I get a “paradoxical response”).

    Eventually switched to Adderall. MUCH better. Comes on slowly. Goes away slowly. So there’s no sense of “taking drugs.” You’re just suddenly aware, “Hey …Here I am!”

    My only disappointment (and it’s a big one) is that I don’t have the same “It’s-quiet-in-my-head” feeling I initially had with Rit & Dex.

    BUT … Adderall gives me “access-on-demand” to my hyper-focus whenever I need it. Every time. Guaranteed.

    I am now … dependable! (Who … ME??? <g>)

    And the Clonazepam has completely stopped my Tourettes tics (though I am going to follow up on Dr. Jain’s concerns re potential memory problems with Clonazepam).

    So, for now, Adderall is my best alternative (MY best alternative. Your brain chemistry could be – probably IS – completely different).

    Re appetite: Ah, now here’s a topic I KNOW. <g> Had to do a lot of research on this because the subject comes up all the time.

    Here’s what I’ve found (for ME). All of these meds really don’t affect your appetite, they affect your appetite TRIGGER. What disappears on meds is the SENSATION that you’re hungry. It feels like you’ve lost your appetite, but you really haven’t.

    It took me a while to realize that, while I didn’t sense the need to eat, all I had to do was place food in front of me and I DEVOURED it.

    I actually find this “side-effect” quite beneficial in controlling my weight. <g> If I start putting on too much weight, I just don’t put as much (or as frequent) food in front of me. Most days, I have breakfast and supper and … that’s it. If I want to add weight (rare <g>), I just put more food in front of me and – it’s gone in seconds! <vbg>

    Re ADD kids having stunted growth: I read a published, peer-reviewed study which showed ADDers are 1/4 to 1/2 inch taller than the average population. So you know where to file that rumour. <g>

    Re cost of Adderall: Yup. It’s high. But I know you can get generic Adderall in the States for much less. (Anyone know if it’s available/approved in Canada yet?)

    Plus … The Pharma people are just getting ready to make a big push on their new ADD product, Vyvanse. My Doctor tells me this is because Adderall is now available (will be available?) in generic form and the Pharma-gang want a new high-priced ADD Med to replace it.

    From what I hear Vyvanese is a more concentrated form of Dex, so I doubt it will work for me … however I’m keeping an open mind on the subject.

    But I digress. <g>

    The point is – I suspect Adderall prices will be coming down and it is SO superior to Ritalin & Dex (FOR ME).

    Re Insomnia (and I’m writing this around 4 a.m. <g>).

    Yup. It’s a problem.

    Tried all kinds of so-called tricks … a 5mg Rit before bed. Same strategy with Dex, but nothing worked.

    I’d be exhausted, but my mind was wide awake. Talked to several ADD specialists and to my G.P. and all agreed the answer was (brace yourselves), sleeping pills.

    Now, I know how I felt when the suggestion was made … NO WAY.

    But … the way it’s been explained to me is: over-the counter sleeping pills are little more than Gravol or antihistamine pills (and, out of curiousity, I’ve tried both and the result is the same – I sleep).

    I refused for the longest time, but just couldn’t sleep, so I broke down and tried the weakest sleeping pills I could find.

    Here’s what I’ve learned:

    I can now control EXACTLY when I go to sleep. I take a sleeping pill 20 minutes before I want to “drop off.” And the way it’s been explained to me – and the way it feels is – when you get to that point when you’re JUST about to fall asleep but can’t (because your brain is too active), the sleeping pill allows you to make that transition. Nothing more.

    When I wake up. I have no sensation of sleepiness. I’m usually at my computer about 90 seconds after my eyes open!

    However … I know this is controversial and I DON’T like the idea of taking sleeping pills. BUT, it works FOR ME.

    Also – REALLY IMPORTANT: Because I’m aware of the potential for abuse, the deal I’ve made with myself is – I NEVER take more than one, under ANY circumstances.

    If something wakes me up (like tonight {Yikes! Almost morning} <g>), my reaction is “Tough. Get up. Do some work till you’re tired, then go back to bed and try again … but NO 2nd Sleeping pill.”

    That’s my LAW and I stick to it, no matter what. I KNOW there’s a slippery slope re Sleeping Pills, and I ain’t gettin’ on it for nothin’. <vbg>

    Bottom line re Insomnia: TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR. Do NOT take my advice. I’m just telling you the solution I’ve found (which I’ve discussed with my Doctors – at length – and they’ve approved).

    Like so many ADDers, I HATE taking ANY pills.

    But I hate an unresponsive, destructive ADD brain even more.

    Hope this is all of some help.

    Okay … getting tired. Time to try again.

    Night (morning) all,


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    Thanks for the great insight Fearwidg! I’m happy to hear that Adderal is so effective. I just wish they had the generic brand right now. I’m on EI and have no health benefits at all so it’s a pretty big hit. I did notice that yes, when the Rit wore off, I became very exhausted and extremely irritable. It takes me longer to get really angry now but when I do, look out. No leash. Not physically but I bark like a raging pitbull and I don’t like myself at all.

    The other thing I noticed is diahrrea. Does anyone else have gastrointestinal issues on any of the meds? I am eating WAY more too and have developed a penchant for coffee. I NEVER drank coffee before but now, I have at least 2 cups a day. Normal?

    I too HATE having to take meds. I just don’t feel myself on them at all and I have this sensation that I’m somehow ‘less’ than I should be but they do quiet the noise and ‘seem’ to allow me to concentrate a little better although I have to be honest; I didn’t really have an epiphany moment on Rit where it was like “Wow! I can focus!” and the positive results are negligible versus the negative ones. I’ll have to take the rest of the Rit while I save for the Adderal but I am looking forward to a much slower release and diminish for sure.

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