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Bishop & I are in Canada. It takes longer for meds to be approved here and seemingly forever for generic versions to appear.

Hey, Rick … you reading this?

How’s about a rant on the price of our meds?

(And aren’t the Americans always complaining because our meds are so much CHEAPER??? What gives?)


Re tics – Yup, mine were worse at night. (“were” – what a wonderful word <g>).

Re trying to stop tics. I remember THAT battle well. It is possible for VERY short periods of time, but the price is that they EXPLODE once you finally have to give in.

Re having a tic episode for the first time in ages …

Sigh. Afraid I’m partially to blame for that. Our discussion, and your decision to talk with your Doctor about them, has you thinking about tics again.

It’s truly weird, but – before I got my Clonazepam – I discovered (to my horror) that if I was giving a talk on ADD and demonstrated a tic I used to have, IT CAME BACK!

It was almost like the “Tourettes part of my brain” was thinking, “Oh yes – that was a good one. Let’s do that again!”

It got so I was afraid to mention any of my past tics, lest they return to haunt me.

(Just a little schizo … not that that’s anything to laugh at {Sheesh, I really have to be careful what I say}.)

Anyway – sorry if I “reminded you” about your tics. Then again – if you’re going to see your doctor, perhaps it’s just as well they have come back.

(Sidebar: Every time I’d tell my GP about my tics, he’d look at me strangely cause he’d never seen them. {I now realize that’s because I was hyper-focused every time I saw him.} Then, one day I was filming some Sludge-dumpers breaking the law {one of my other “causes”}, and when I put the camcorder down on the passenger seat, I forgot to turn it off. So I ended up with about 30 minutes worth of footage of me tic’ing away like crazy. Next time I saw my GP, he was surprised to see me waiting with a camcorder <g>, but when I showed him the tape, he could finally see what I’d been dealing with).

All the best with your Doc tomorrow. Just remember not to be disappointed if he doesn’t nail the right med off the top. It took my Specialist 3 tries to nail it … but WHAT A DIFFERENCE. (Just hope I can keep on taking it. Will keep you all updated on the results).

Cheers till next time,