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Re: ADDers Sleep Habits

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As a kid I was an ambitious sleepwalker, sometimes going across the house to sleep part of the night away under the dining room table. Once I even went outside and sat in the car, presumably dreaming that I was waiting for mom and dad to drive me somewhere. I also used to move around lots in bed, sometimes waking up facing the wrong way or whatever. I’m now 40 and don’t sleepwalk, and barely remember any dreams. It feels like I’m a rock when I sleep.

In general, my sleep habits now are crap. I see midnight blast by, and suggest to myself that now would be a responsible time to go to bed, but shrug it off as such a pointless idea. By 2:30am, it’s usually guilt that overpowers me to go to bed. Up by 7:00 typically, I wear myself down until my body takes over one day and forces me to sleep at 9:00pm.