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Ugh.. boy do I understand this. And am glad to read it. I have ADD and so does my boyfriend. We’ve been together for 6 months and hit it off so instantly is was like magic. Might have to do with the fact we both have ADD and understand each other. But I have to admit he’s my Hyperfocus .. I have given up on alot of my hobbies because I can’t take my mind off him. I’m working really hard to derail this behavior because I know part of it is because my life is further along than his and I don’t have as many things to fill my time. I’m trying to find things to fill time with. He on the other hand has three small son’s he has 40% of the time and His job is busy always.. plus a big family (brothers ect..) I have little to no family and my daughters are older. One is grown and out of the house and the other is 15 and not wanting me like she did when she was little. My best advice (and I’m trying hard to take it myself) is to get another hobby as well as work so you don’t obsess over her. I know he doesn’t obsess over me cause he has such a full life… I’m trying to fill mine back up.

Oh and side note.. I also have thyroid disease.. hypo.. so yeah is that a cruel joke or what? My mind races and I’m tired all the time..lol

Wishing us all good luck