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I for one, was diagnosed with ADHD and a Learning Disability, though I was not given a specific label for the LD. I have fine motor skills and clumsiness as well as problems with Phonics, (Hooked on Phonics would *not* have worked for me. I learned to read very well through sight words, and context, semantic and syntactic cues. As a result, I’m a strong believer in whole language rather than phonics in isolation.) working memory and processing speed.

When I took Special Education training (I’m a teacher.) my instructor told the class that terms like Dyslexia, Discalculia, etc. really aren’t used in the Canadian context, though I don’t think he really explained why.

Nimthiriel: If you have a dual diagnosis, it can be very difficult to tease out what is caused by which condition. The important thing is find the coping strategies that work for you.

If you get an LD diagnosis, you have the right to seek workplace accommodations (at least in Ontario, I can’t speak for other juristictions.) to help you do your job better. Your Psychologist would include suggested accommodations in their report.

The thing is, in order to get the accommodations you have to feel comfortable enough with your employer in order to ask for them. I have a friend who had a horrendous time when she asked for accommodations in University, and as a result has never approached employers for accommodations.

Learning Disabilities are included in the term disabilities in the Human Rights code, so if you do experience workplace discrimination as a result of revealing a diagnosis, you do have legal recourse. You just need to have the wherewithall to go through the whole Human Rights process assuming something goes wrong. Only you can judge your own situation.