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Hi everyone! I don’t know if my experience will help anyone, but I’d rather play it safe and mention it just in case it might. I had trouble for years with fatigue, and it seemed to get worse over time. A mom of one of my son’s friend’s told me she’d recently re-hydrated with water and felt much better. Once I started drinking enough water, the immediate effects of it nearly caused me to stop! After a bit, other than a constant headache like someone smashed two cymbals on my head for months, I felt better when I drank enough. On days I didn’t, or was out in the heat too long, I started to fade out again mentally and physically. I talked to my medical Dr. and he suggested Gastrolyte which I tried. WOW! I found I wasn’t as unhappy either. My Dr. explained it was the electrolytes I needed. Take care everyone, Deb