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Re: ADHD and keeping on topic

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Geoduck, I’m only laughing cuz I can relate. I know it’s not fun, but we are pretty funny sometimes, don’t you think? We’re so squirley we probably even look funny. Squirming around cuz we can’t sit still. hehe. I’m still not officially diagnosed, but the brain doctor (psychiatrist) wanted me to try Ritalin during! not after the first session. That was after two short visits with social workers I had to see before they let me see a real psychiatrist. (brain doc, sounds better than shrink) the symptoms have gotten worse as I’ve gotten more educated about this. It’s a rough road, but I’m sure lucky a friend suggested I write down the name of this site after seeing the ADD n loving it thing of PBS a few times. ordering the DVD, and watching it almost 10 times. At least. I never counted. what for? It can take many times for something I don’t want to sink in to sink in. I don’t want to have this. Who in their right mind would want this. I’m left handed too. So I’m definitely in my right mind. (right brain) I wonder what percentage of ADDers are left handed.