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I know I’m dragging another old thread up again, but I don’t want to start yet another redundant topic. How ironic huh? hehe. We are anything but redundant!, accept for when we forget we already talked about something… ugh… What a nite mare. My intention is to talk about staying on topic or not… add infinity. No wonder people just walk away, or suddenly act as if I’ve become invisible. Others are very entertained by my squirely way of talking and moving around. Talking with my hands…

I’m very sure, after thinking about this for much longer than I’ve been here. That the solution is here. (not alone) The Key is teamwork. As a member each of us has unique talents that we can contribute to recovering from the damage of ADHD symptoms, and learning to live with the ways we are different. Each of us can spend more energy on figuring out where and how we can contribute to making ourselves more useful and feeling more valuable in humanity. A part of, instead of apart from. So that’s what I’ll be doing my best to focus on; here, the Internet, life, and of course with many kinds of doctors.

Taking the time to read is my hardest struggle. Reading and educating myself is the core of recovery. Having ADHD, dyslexia, some level of brain trauma in all it’s many different forms, and also my fear of early Alzheimer’s disease, all add to the complexity of solving these problems we have. They make it hard to read!. Well that just sux!!!!

The hope comes from the new/not so new science of Neuroplasticity. I have a spiritual path, I think we all do. My job here is not getting anyone else to believe what I believe. But I do think it’s important to be honest that spirituality is the biggest part of my solution. I’ll do my best to avoid any talk of politics of religion. There’s already enough I’m confused about. Those are two big cans of worms I really dislike to a great extreme.

Faith is a different matter. It’s not religion. Faith is why sugar pills sometimes work better than prozac. I don’t think it matters why, what matters is that we admit faith does exist. Why else would perfectly good human beings blow themselves up because they think 72 virgins will be the key to happiness? I have faith that this sadly misguided kind of faith will keep taking life’s.

I don’t like the word religion. Too many innocent people have died because of that word. I have real faith that as a team we can all work together, read more, write less, and get well together. With real FAITH in each-other.

Thanks for having the patience to read this.