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Re: ADHD and keeping on topic

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How cool – now we’re getting somewhere – I agree that I want to have more control of myself, but I don’t want to be ashamed of the wonderful part of having a fast moving, creative mind.

That’s just how my sax solo’s work – like wolfshades’ conversations “that swoop and whirl, and.. have such a great time exploring different topics…” and a “(magical flying) train of thought.” Somehow, with great effort, I finally have to bring the solo back to the original “topic” (the song being played) but that’s why my solo’s can run a little long and the lead guitar or drummer will start to play a lick or two to jar me back into reality – haha

I still wish to be able to get down to business and not have funny nicknames for being a “pain in the rumpus.” I like Robbo’s idea that we can pool our strengths together for a common good – to get the answers and results we are looking for – hopefully “shame-free”