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I have been remiss in giving complete info, I am a member of Blacksmithing associations & 1 artcrafts association, as yet I have not gotten much info from them on the business administration side, there is a conference coming up I hope to attend, I have a home computer, I sell on eBay some, I am trying to get my web site back up completely, I have to do that myself for now due to lack of capital to pay someone, as to keeping financial records, I do what I think is a real good job of that, I have owned & operated other businesses, each time they were adequate but never became what the potential for them was. (I hope that’s explanation enough) Curleymoe mentioned successful people are good with people, I agree, I have been told I am good with people, yet I feel very inadequate in that area, I am beginning to think I need to look more into ADHD & relationships. Also please understand it has only been in the last 2 or 3 days I have started getting into attempting to educate myself more about ADHD. It was a reading something about 3 days ago when it clicked that this syndrome might have more to do with my lack of success than I had ever considered. The more I learn the more I think it does, as I have mentioned I am a recovering alcoholic 20+ years sober, when applying some of the principles of the program to this I came to the conclusion that just as alcoholism affects every area of my life, The ADHD also does. Once again need to take care of some other things around here. More later, and Thanks a million, I have gotten more good information with this post than in the past year or more sense I was diagnosed with this.