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Hello all …… Miguel the answer is yes I am in NJ…..

ADHDORNUTZ…… OK thanks for the clarification. wow I have been in very unique/niche businesses as well so i do understand a little……. maybe……. I want you to know I have always enjoyed watching blacksmiths work.. we in NJ have a state park that features blacksmithing and it has fascinated me and many others that flock to see them work during the seasons they are open. There is a glass blowing business in another town that is BOOMING (they are kinda in the same type business as well and I have covertly been observing them just because that is what I do……) This is what I now enjoy doing sharing and helping……. I just have to figure out how to become better educated and make money at it (lol)….. I often have a difficult time implementing myself……… Ok I hope that you are seeing a qualified, experienced and open therapist that believes in a hollistic approach as described here on the totally add website. I understand your needs and satisfactions you get from your craft……….. I do have a lot to offer you I think in terms of the business side (my failures and success) but you need to be in a good place before really going forward or the chances of YIKES failure greatly increases………. That said I think your smithing is a part of the hollistic approach for you. I think you probably are keeping yourself physically active and mentally stimulated by the artistic aspects of your trade. I am kind of courious what you would like to get out of your business..what is your plan……what would be the perfect business for you to wake up to in the morning to?

I kinda understand your wifes frustrations as well….. She might not be as free spirited as you..Think of her field… It is very rigerous and probably offers little room for creativity. (although if she owns her own firm she maybe satisfying that need on a different level) I do hope if you are in a good place and have started a truly hollistic approach to learn how to work with the “Syndrome” of ADD/ADHD because there are a lot of resources available to you today as an entrepreneaur…. May I ask the country/state or area you reside and do business? I have many contacts through out the USA..