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Re: ADHD and the self employed

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ADHDORNUTS…. FYI There are a ton of business resources out there for your business. That is the great news. The greater challenge right now might be the ADD/ADHD thing…….. so I strongly suggest u go through this entire sight and when you feel “Oh so bored” work on my 2 questions. I am going to ask the experts here on Totally ADD to challenge you on the ADD stuff and I wll try the same with your business stuff and i think you might stand a better chance of success in conquering both ……

Again nutz (lol) please check out videos starting from the beginning of this totallyadd site THEN tell me the best you can “WHAT YOUR BUSINESS IS” to me … 1st in less than 50 words. 2nd- Describe everything about your business to me in over a 1000 words …….. Everything from how you got into the business how u got where u are today and where you want it to go………………..