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Re: ADHD and the self employed

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njadd…..I will do my best to answer your questions; we live in central MO, near the Lake of the Ozarks. The perfect job, I think I have it I love what I do, I love creating things of beauty, and yes I see it as part of my therapy, (pounding steel has a calming effect) I just can’t seem to get to making a steady income. I recently became a Best Of Missouri Hands Juried Artist That opens doors to get into some of the better quality shows. Plus many other recourses. No I am not seeing a therapist at this time, my daughter & I are scheduled to start seeing someone in March, I have heard good things about this women. My wife’s story, she is a disabled vet; she suffers from clinical depression, as of right now! It is my opinion she is in one of downward spirals, so I trying to get her some more help as well. That said, I get know support from her at all right now. The videos, I have not watched them, our home Internet service is to slow to watch videos. I am going to the library today, I may be able to watch them there. Finally I agree I need to work on the ADHD & business at the same time, it’s not real clear to yet, but looking back I am beginning to see the adverse affects this syndrome has had on me.

Are you a glass blower? I am not clear on that. I am watching my 3 small kids while my wife sleeps right now so I need to go. I will try to answer the rest ASAP. Thanks for the help. Could you give me some specific information on the business resources out there?