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I know with myself when I owned and operated my business my biggest problems were with developing new relationships and setting boundaries. I either came across as too cold if I really didn’t care for the person I was working for or would get too close and end up basically working for free because I empathized too closely with their situation. I also found the paper work to be extremely excruciating. It was a completely different focus than what the core of the business was. There are often small business development branches in most cities that help to get a handle on this but by the time you get through the huge number of hours I worked it really left nothing in the tank. The majority of my business was cash and so keeping track of from whom it was coming and where it was going was terrifying because it was so easy to see something you wanted for the business, grab the cash and go purchase it without any real thought or planning about what it added to the operation.

Have you ever noticed that the majority of the really successful business people seem to be really great at relationships or they hire someone who is really good at it. It can be a secretary or whatever who could charm the birds from the trees. These people get and keep the customers even when the work quality is of questionable value. I am currently involved in a business where the people who are making money personally make my skin crawl and so I do nothing with this business because I would rather not be an unsavory character like them. They say whatever they think the client wants to hear regardless of truthfulness and then wonder why this industry has such a bad name. But I am licensed by the province I work in and therefore I still have my shingle if I ever get over my little problem. Because it seems to be my problem.