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ADHDORNUTS……… You sound like my long lost brother (lol) … I have been on some the most unbelievable rollercaster of life rides you could ever imagine. I unfortunately did not know what ADD/ADHD was until about 3 yrs ago when diagnosed while going through my second divorce.(With a very sneaky phsyche nurse-YIKES !!!) . Yep lost a business to which I had invested over a $100,000, in. Gave away 6 homes and tons of cash, lost kids and etc. during divorce, screwed family out of money while trying to rebound blah blah blah. I worked very hard as well and unfortunately I never took care of my body and at the age of 48 the pains of self physical abuse to my body from being a contractor are there (No drugs or alcohol nor smoking) just hard physical work. Funny i worked briefly for a company to which the owner told/asked me over 15yrs ago if I had ADD? Unfortunately I did not know what it was and when I asked a co worker and sales competitor he said it is a retard disorder and don’t worry about it they just wanna fire you! subsequently I thought the wanted to fire me and I left soon after! OK enough bout my life story…….. I was very finacially well off when i had a “Partner” whom supported me………. when I say that I mean someone whom took care of the administrative aspects of the biz and my ADD life. I was a great “Field operator/ Technician and Salesperson” but horrible administrator. I unfortunately was not around nor given much financial education growing up so that was a real short fall for me. (Especially the way the world is today) Here is a good one for ya… As i was gainning wealth with then spouse I began to take an interest in our money so i would often make suggestions and offer advice when it came to what to do with our money(all the information came from reading articles on the internet which somehow i was able to decifer the good stuff from the bad) and it worked as our net worth grew tremendously. Unfortunately the x got her RN degree while we were married and hooked up with the infamous surgeon so she caste me aside. (story for another day but it was a plan she had concockted for a while prior to divorce) Sad but I feel for the surgeon she married cause he is doomed…….. Strong suggestion get financial assistance… maybe even business advice (yep i know being a self employed bus person we think we know it all) Do you have a CPA, Do you belong to the SBA, Does your bank offer small insightful business classes (not marketing venues). What about trade groups in the industry you might belong to! May I ask what you think your shortcomings or roadblocks you might need to overcome to succeed are. I would be more than happy to assist you any way i can. As I now know as I become more educated about this “Syndrome” it is not only one i want to beat but make sure others do not succumb to the horrible outcomes if not treated. I believe the first step is knowkedge through education which often involves communication. Through experiences I will say i do not know it all by any stretch but it is just as important to learn from ones successes and others failures……