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Re: ADHD family-member-to-be trying to sabotage me

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Patte Rosebank
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Ivriniel, re-read Rick’s advice on how to answer a skeptic who dismisses ADHD as not being real. It’s in one of his blog postings from last year.

Basically, it involves calmly saying, “That’s very interesting,” then asking the person how they came to that conclusion…Do they believe all the diagnostic criteria listed in the DSM-IV are false, or do they think that the threshold is set too high. You could also calmly ask them how they feel about the discovery of the LPHN-3 gene and its confirmed link to ADHD. And bring in something about the brain imaging scans which have shown a very clear reduced function in the right pre-frontal cortex of the ADHD brain, which does not appear in the non-ADHD brain.

The key is to do this in a way that makes you appear to recognize that the other person has done the sort of intensive research that you have, so knows as much about it as you do. You’re talking to them, expert to expert, and you (seem to) value their input. If you do this properly, the other person will immediately realize that they’re in trouble—as they’d be if a doctor mistook them for another doctor, and tried to have a discussion with them about some obscure medical condition, using obscure medical words.

You can play this out for a while, or you can just smile and walk away as soon as the look of, “I’m in way over my head” descends over the skeptic’s face.