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Re: ADHD services at CAMH

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Patte Rosebank
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Seasonal Affective Disorder & ADHD…the story of my life right now. And I’m without a psychiatrist to help me, because my psychiatrist at St. Mike’s took on way too many patients, so he’s just had to drop a lot of them, including me.

My GP doesn’t feel comfortable prescribing new meds, just adjusting the dose of whatever I’m currently on. Not a good situation, when you were diagnosed less than a year ago, and are still trying to find the right med(s).

My GP will refer me to a specific psychiatrist, if I can find one. If he just writes a blanket referral, I’ll probably end up with a psych who doesn’t believe in adult ADHD. So I am manually searching through the College of Physicians & Surgeons’ website, looking at the registration dates of all 850 psychiatrists serving Toronto, in hopes of finding one who is a recent enough grad to have learned the most up-to-date facts & treatments for adult ADHD. And hoping that, once I find one, he or she will be taking new patients.

This really sucks.