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turbo, thank you very much for the information! I am indebted to you. (Incidentally, I just discovered that Dr Maher is a physician — an agreeable factoid, since this entails that OHIP will cover his services).

Thank you also for volunteering an alibi for me. However, to be entirely honest, obtaining Dr Ahmed’s new contact information required only a modicum of effort : I had it within 24 hours of the initial post.

Then the holidays started, & I grew distracted.

Then the holidays ended, but the winter semester commenced & I became hyperfocused on ruling patterns & mise-en-page in 15th century legal manuscripts.

Then, I suddenly remembered that I needed post her contact information … yet I had forgotten my password for the site.

After a period of procrastination I reset it, but then I procrastinated about logging in & completing the task.

Now, finally!, here I am — after resetting my password yet again —, and here is the requisite information :

Dr Tahira Shah Ahmed

Hotel-Dieu Grace Hospital

1030 Oullette Ave

Windsor ON N9A 1E1

Phone: (519) 973-4444 Ext. 3354


Children’s Health Care Network

Market Square Room 440

2109 Ottawa Street

Windsor ON N8Y 1R8

Phone: (519) 948-3961

Tell her that Steph (latterly of Halifax — Dr. J., I feel your pain — & currently of Ottawa) sent you ^_^ .

[For future reference, if someone recommends a physician to you, but the professional’s contact information remains a manifest mystery, use the CPSO’s online “All Doctors Search” engine to look them up : http://www.cpso.on.ca/docsearch/ It’s a great little tool].