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Re: After a lifetime and two horrible years, we know

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>>>does anyone else here find that they read (or reread) just about everything they set eyes on? <<<


I can relate, more than I want to. I wrote this last night. When I was very tired and needed to go to bed. Some of it made me laugh so hard I almost busted my gut.

But I saved it n went to be.

my writing may be a pain in the butt to read, so take your time. I’m a little bit of an idiot. :-) I ain’t no termite though. Shoot man write-n is hard! Give it a shot though. ukay?

It used to be much worse, (reading, writing) but in my case understanding the problem and focusing on the solutions here has helped me get better skills. We all have different combinations of ADHD symptoms. I take Wellbutrin for depression, but it also helps with ADHD for some people. That may be the edge that helped me, along with the encouragement I got from lot’s of folks here. There are tons of coping strategies and tools here, it’s a huge site. Be willing to spend a ton of time here. Read, re-read. Then read stuff again. I also have been helped tons by just watching the video’s here when reading was just too difficult. I still have days when reading is just hopeless. But those days happen much less often now that I’ve been working on living with the ADHD and recovering from the symptoms of it I can. Working harder is a big part of the solution, but working DIFFERENT! is really the golden key. My brain does not work the way the teachers in school expected it to, they didn’t understand ADHD struggles in the public schools I went to back in the 70’s. Nowadays there’s much more awareness, and understanding. We’re different, not broken, not useless. I feel broken and useless sometimes. But less nowadays. Sometimes I just feel like picking my nose and just giving up. But I don’t. Well, sometimes I do still pick my nose. Don’t you?, huh?…hehe what?, pardon me I didn’t hear that. OOOhh, so you don’t pick yer nose? Well so n so saw you driving and……. (justajoke)

Knowing I’m not alone, and seeing other people here actually recovering. Some of them so much that they were able to stop taking medications after different amounts of time. Some go through a gnastly awful kind of purgatory hell when the shrinks (plural) keep desperately trying to find the right combination of chemisty… they fail and it destroys their insides. I can only imagine. Not everyone even needs medication to deal with this crappy ADHD can of werms. I watched the DVD “ADD and Loving It?” almost, hmmm… about 10 times. I have a hard time counting too. I didn’t want to take my shoes n socks off so that’s why I wrote 10 times. (get it?, I’m 47 and gotta use my fingers to count. So more than 10, and I have to take my shoes n socks off) ;-P Just a little joke, I do that a lot here. (joke about our mizery) Pyoooo! gotta remember to wash those… We’re forgetful too… I almost forgot to mention that. Brain FART!

Ukay, take a break, there’s a bunch more. Tey kit eee zee. eeezee duzzz it…

So yep, it’s about much more than just reading. But that is one of the more emotionally draining and painful symptoms I’ve had to deal with. I think I might have slugs in my brain too, or maybe just snails… we shall see. Hmm, I think I heard a crunching sound. Two of the snails in my brain probably just crashed into eachother. They probably have ADHD too. Racing in my brain! AACK! Ayyy, cut it out you guys! for crying out loud, I’m trying to write here! (people look at me weird when I start yellin at my snails n slugs) So I don’t do that in public any more.

Kinda like my guitar, I don’t play with it in public any more. That’s obscene! I’m not a musician actually. That’s why I just say “I play WITH my guitar”. Garage band is the only band members who are willing to jam with me.

We’re accident prone too by the way. English is a difficult language. I think the grammar and spelling is just plain stupid!, but it’s the only language I know, so heck, guess I better figure it out, huh?

I’m a little freaky, but what do you expect, I’ve got ADHD for crying out loud! And I’ve been just listening to music and surfing around the web today. Farting around the house, didn’t get crap done… dang. I get a little bit more goofie when I can’t sleep. That’s a symptom I’ve herd a lot of folks complain about here too. It’s better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. I’ll grant you that.

Watch out for sharp sticks. Or just cover your eyes sometimes. No, never mind. Bad idea.

Hey, good job if ya got through reading this whole post. Not many folks can read all my gibberish. I can tell. None of my questions ever get answered. Probably cuz I’m a dip shit. It’s better than being a crap head.

K, I think that’s good enough to post.

Sun. 4:41 pm pst sunny Ca. (swimming pools, movie stars) 2/19/12

oh!! new idea!, I started writing the date n time at the bottom because of something I said on the “ask Jimi” thread.http://totallyadd.com/forum/topic.php?id=2286 ooops, I re-named it. Anywayzzzz my new idea is to say “all rights reserved” but I just remembered that I forgot to read all the End User Licence Agreement stuff when I tried to register, but failed mizerably, That’s when Jimi helped me and they passed around my goofie “quirky” emails around the office of totallyadd. What a bunch or real life Hero’s and I’m nefinitely not being sarcastic. They rock. But you guys know that, huh?

4:58 pm A.R.R

Totallyadd owns the copy rights to this, I’m just a dopey clown/self appointed pig rootin for truffles here. Go ahead and steal this tho, okay. I want to be famous.

Robert Field.