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Re: Alchohol/illegal drugs treating ADHD

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Self-medication is a dangerous sport, but quite fun! In all seriousness, I use alcohol to self-medicate. Usually once per week will do it, but sometimes more. Been a drinker for most of my life, in my younger years I was a binge drinker. Alcohol helps me slow my brain down to a “normal” level and it usually takes me a few days to spool back up to a frantic pace after a night of drinking. Not good right? But I’d prefer to have some social medication once per week than take daily doses of drugs that all have side effects ranging from suicidal thoughts to depression to lack of sexual drive.

I’ve been on a half dozen different ADHD meds and only the stimulant based ones seemed to really work and didn’t make me feel like a Zombie. The last one I was on was Concerta. I was taking 36mg then 54mg and then 36mg twice a day after telling my doc I was feeling a lot of anxiety. He kept upping the dosage. I finally figured out on my own that I was good on 36mg UNLESS I became stressed out and then I went directly from excited to frantic and feelings of impending doom and despair. I have since given up on meds.