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Re: alleged “alternatives” for ADHD

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Hi all

Am reading “Spark..The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain’ by John J. Ratey, MD.

It makes for some interesting reading and thoughts.

I have struggled on my own for years with the dietary issue. I definitely have some foods that I can’t go near.

Have not visited any homeopaths, doctors etc…just figured things out through trial and error and believe me, diet DOES

affect some people.

Just because it doesn’t affect YOU doesn’t mean it doesn’t work for some.

Allergy/shmallergy/sensitivity/whatever…..look, if something isn’t working for you..get rid of it. Don’t nitpick over words.

Don’t tell someone what works for them is wrong, if it works for them, then great! If it doesn, then time to try something else.

Caffiene seems to be a main poison of mine and yes, I’ve had the negative effects when I didn’t know it was in what I was ingesting.

I believe in investigating every avenue, starting with the ones that are the most proven and effective, then working down the list if those aren’t doing it for you.

Everything isn’t black and white…all humans are different. Why would anyone assume all ADHD folks are the same?

Isn’t that prejudice?


And pulling the ‘cancer’ card is low…my sister did all the traditional things to battle it and still died.

Have you watched anyone go through radiation on their brain and chemo?

It’s not pretty and it didn’t work.