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Re: alleged “alternatives” for ADHD

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To highlight your point about every ‘body’ being different – and that what may not work for some works for others – I’ve read of studies indicating that caffeine actually HELPS some ADHD sufferers, which didn’t particularly surprise me because I seem to be able to focus better after a cup or two of coffee. After three or four, I’m ready to go out and breakdance, so it’s a matter of balance.

I’ve got plenty of ADHD clients for whom I’ve had to do much customization of mental training to find their cognitive ‘sweet spot’, so to speak, while other ADHD clients easily adapt to standard mental training with little individual customization. Some clients can’t do certain intellectually oriented brain training exercises, and are limited to intuitive, meditative ‘relaxation’ and mindfulness techniques that help them concentrate and control their attention and impulsive urges; on the other hand, some are much more captivated by doing visual mental gymnastics that challenge their visual working memory. As long as they get the practice at operating their own brain functions in a way that makes them better at doing so, that’s what matters.

And you’re right – makes no sense for people to blindly attack what some self-serving organizations like to label as ‘alternative’ treatments; nor is it particularly intelligent to robotically pronounce with pious authority that merely because ‘studies’ have not been done that one or another alternative is ‘quackery’. People don’t seem to understand how much money gets spent to support one approach over another. When drug giants stop funding studies that make their products look good, one will likely see a heavier emphasis on testing the veracity of ‘alternatives’.

Now that companies like PlayAttention are backed by studies, the rampant attacks on neurofeedback are starting to die down.

It’s a sorry game of ‘who’s got the money and influence to get a researchers to sign off’, and the camps shift allegiances in a heartbeat if there’s a chance money or recognition is to be obtained.

What’s witchcraft today may be touted as ‘scientific discovery’ tomorrow.

T. Lavon Lawrence