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Re: Am I in denail or shoud I change therapist

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Thank you both :) and sorry for my bad dislexic frensh canadian english .


I want to trust therapy and I didn’t think it would be a walk in the park with the therapist saying nono you’re a good Gril stop crying you rule go girl and tell me everything I want to hear. But I am in a dangerously dark place right now and I think I need a tiny bit of light Or at least know where he is going with that. I don’t see how understanding that I was the reason of the abuses I had when I was young is gonna make me a stronger and better person. I feel like he is trying to use the parent therapy on de child. My brother saved My life when I was 16 with one question : ” why do you always let her do that to you ? she is not even stronger than you.” at that time we where still fightty bro and siss so it ment even more. It was the first time that I realyse, maybe, it wasn’t me, i didn’t call for it and I wasn’t crazy. So feeling responsible again is not gonna take me in a good place ( in short or long terms )


Thank you i’d really like to kow more about your experiences whit the good and the not good therapists. i think it can help me knowing if mine is right for me.

I am lucky to have a very nice lady in charge of the “Employee help program” (ok bad translation but I don’t know how to say that) at my workplace. She referred me to this therapist, saying she really trusts him but she knows sometimes “it doesn’t click” (can you say that in English?) So she can refer me to an other one if I need too change and she said the others are good too. :) (Nice reinsuring lady) so I don’t realy have to tell my therapist if I want to go to another one.

I was planning on telling him how I feel and ask him if he can just put aside the ADD children exhausting the parents part, at least for a while. If he doesn’t want or can’t I’ll try with another one.

But in the meantime I ‘am just so lost and trying so hard not to blame myself again. And I start too loose hope in the concept of therapy curing or helping depression…. I am questioning everything ….Is it my fault if it dosen’t work ….am I actually depressed or just whining for attention….poor little martyr (like my mum use to say)……hugh!!! Hate you brain! !!!!