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Re: Angry…adderall worked and was switched

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Thanks for the reply…

I don’t think the doc actuallt thought I was an addict since I asked him to look through my records and it showed that in the last four years I have never needed a dose increase, never refilled it early, and signed a controlled substances thingy thta required me to take pee tests (always negative.)

I also told him how debilitating my ADD is (I’m 31 and have only lived without parents or someone else like a boyfriend or his parents a few months out of my life, that I cant hold a job that’s for more than 15 hours a week because I cant juggle the kids, signifacnt other’s sched., etc.) AND that I am jumping through the hoops of college trying to let me back in (financial ad appeal, etc.)

I stopped taking the med today. I pretty much felt like I had been poisoned and still kinda feel crappy. So I guess I will call sometime after xmas…

Only thing is, he said he’d see me again in the 6 weeks and if the crap didnt work he would refer me to someone else who may presribe adderall…which will probably take another couple weeks and right now, with the school stuff and my daughter starting school I am sooo overwhelmed and now is the time of all times I should be taking adderall….arrgh everything just feels like such a mess!…yesterday I went xmas shopping and locked my car keys in the trunk, forgot the bags I had bought at the store, forgot to bring diapers with me so my baby pooped and I I had to go buy a new bag o diapers when I’d just got some, and forgot to go pay my cellphone bill.

The other real annoying thing about all this is that strattera is a super expensive drug and since I went to a place where they are on a sliding scale, why would he give me something so spendy…I know it sounds paranid but I would really like to know if he gets money from a pharmacy company everytime he writes a presription for this piece o’ crap bad drug.