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Re: Any gamers out there?

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hahaha YES YES!! Those zombies STILL creep me out!! And those gross sounds they make!! Thank goodness for the sun song!

And I agree about playing it now but meh. Actually I feel like playing super mario 3. I just love that game! The music reminds me of when I first played it at 5 years old! oh how I loved it! hahaha Actually just yeterday I was listening to this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dXKN1j_vrn4&feature=related Hes a good drummer, but I just like the medley.

Oh Dead Space sounds good! I will check it out!

Oh I just watched the trailer. Kinda reminds me of Half Life. But very gory. haha I may try to find someone playing it on youtube. I dont know if its for me. Im not too into alien type things. They do look pretty gruesome though!