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Re: Any Guitar Players, ADD is an up hill battle

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Hi, well only playing 1/3 of the guitar I dont know if ukulele players qualify. I’ve played guitar in past and have struggled with it too. I picked up a 5 string banjo on an impulse and took to that quite well. Not a year went by and I was playing with a friends soprano ukulele. It was a lot of fun even though i didnt know the chords. I found that it was so much easier to play with. Like really play with. Maybe the “toyish” reputation made me feel at ease I dont know. Anyways it took me 10 years to loose 2 strings and thats what it was for me.

I hyperfocused like crazy to get to where I am skill wise. Like worked a 40 hr work week, went home, skipped dinner most of the time and daily would practice from 6:00pm until 11:00pm. So ok 5 hours 5 times a week for 25 and then the weekends i’d spend the entire day from the moment I woke up (would littereally wake up next to my uke and start playing) to the time i’d go to bed (litterally falling asleep while playing) I really poured myself into playing and on the weekends was getting (because of breaks and stuff) around 25 more hours of practice in the 2 days. So on average I was doing 40-50 hours of practice. I stopped socializing with friends, family. I went to work and went straight back home. I only ate when I was really hungry and keeping track of when I would last eat kept me from getting sick. I try to not go more than 2 days without eating if i’m going to hyperfocus on anything (I know its not good for you but thats just my thing)

Within 4 months of doing this I was comfortable with writting and performing my own music w/ lyrics without being embarassed but I have a background in public performances and stuff like that. Not busking or anything but a lot of attention being drawn to me in public is common.

So thats just my story on my instrument of choice as of now. I try to get into other instruments too. Like I have a trumpet in the basement, that I havent even started on (I dont think I will, as I am a woodwind player not brass) Funny about that like how crossover instruments or instruments with similarities can be picked up so easily without any real help. I tried clarinet for a bit and found it to be pretty easy too but now i’m off subject.

I’m not sure if it had been mentioned or asked but what kind of guitar/s do you play/own? My first guitar was a piece of junk. I cant remember what kind it was but it was about the same as a johnson. Oh and acoustic. I dont know what strings I had on it but I ended up putting electric strings on instead of the acoustic and it made it easier. Over all it was a piece of junk and it was just hard to learn on. Same thing with my first uke. Every uke player MUST own one of these at one point in time, they are mahalo soprano student ukes. They suck and inotation isnt in the ukes vocabulary. So anyways, after switching to an oscar schmit, or wait, no I got a cheep lanikai concert, then the oscar schmidt. anyways, the ou-2 was way nice and learning was great. It wasnt just the me but the instrument.

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