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Re: Any studies on vitamins/fish oil

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There are actually studies out there on the benefits of Fish Oil for ADD patients, I have personally had good results with Lovaza (prescription Fish Oil no worry of mercury poising) it is supposed to be used for triglercides or something along those lines but I got my doctor to prescribe it and the insurance pays for it, I was spending over $1.50 a day for Zone Fish oil (great fish oil by the way) now I only spend $35. I use around 7-9 grams a day, but make sure that you discuss this or any supplementation with your doctor because Fish Oil can thin your blood and might not be safe if combined with other prescription drugs like cumidin (sp?).

There is also a supplement called Phosphatidylserine Complex that is very helpful with memory and brain function (it’s sold @ the Vitamin Shoppe so no supplement companies are involvded). You can google Phosphatidylserine Complex AND ADHD or ADD and you will find information that is helpful! The manager at my local Vitamin Shoppe is very knowledgable and even if you don’t have a Vitamin Shoppe where you live you could call and speak to a store associate (normally the manager is best), they do ship their supplements and their prices are pretty competitive if not better than a lot of the other big vitamin stores around.

Personally I have found the best way to manage my symptoms is to stay away from Gluten, sugar, food dies and a list of other things. There is a book @ my local library titled “Without Ritalin” and it would be a great book for you to read! It is small and doesn’t take much time to read. It pretty much embodies what you are looking for.

Good Luck my friend!