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Re: Anybody else feel like a zombie???

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Reading that article above was very helpful. It’s also very helpful to understand how caffein works. For me it’s a morning only drink. What’s more important is that we realize no medication will affect us all the same way. I take prozac and wellbutrin. Cutting back on those under close supervision, A lot. 5 mg of methylphenidate 3 times a day is working really well for me, for 2 weeks now. Now I would like to very slowly cut back on the SSRI medication. Of course only with guidance from my doctors/counselors. All of them. And friends too, cuz they will notice first if I start acting more wacky than normal. Hmmm. Not sure if that’s possible!! lol.

Ima wacky dood.. Berry much sew.

Fortunately I just found some good decaf french roast beans I can grind up fresh, and still enjoy my tasty treat, coffee. I’ve only been to starbuks 3 times… the 4th n 5th time, I was just checking the CD rack for something cool on sale! :=) The “truth” about the “stuff” they are serving makes me want to projectile vomit!!! If you like that stuff, don’t google “what’s in it?” you’ll be sad.

Here’s a link to a search using google.