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Re: Are you talking about your condition?

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People talk openly about having most other disabilities. What it boils down to is the other people knowing just what AD/HD is. It’s not being scatter brained, off the wall hyperactive or a lazy day dreamer. That’s what I’m sure the vast majority of the general public know it as. When you talk about it they are probably feeling uneasy just out of lack knowledge. Then you don’t get as warm a reaction.

Learning what it does and being able to break it down to those that have no idea what you experience will go a long way.

Now. Throwing out there ” It’s not my fault, you know, I have ADHD ” may not be the best way. It’s not an excuse. You might as well be saying ” It wasn’t me! It was the One Armed Man!” If you were late because you lost track of time etc, ” I have a condition that effects my time perception and prioritizing.”

You also just can’t say this is why and hope it’s shrugged off…You need to at least show that is an effort being made. Personally while at work I wear a stopwatch around my neck to keep track of my lunch and break times.

It’s going to take being engaged, educated and committed to managing this better. It’s hard as hell! The nature of what we have is against us. Get a good Doc, coach and support system in place. us the meds to help get you going in the right direction. Trust me! A month or so ago I was totally lost and almost hopeless. I’m far from where I want to be but I’ve started to set up those supports etc… and it’s the best thing ever!!!