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Re: Attention Dialed Into a Higher Dimension

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Nimthiriel- I was trying to make the point that when someone believes something, has a certain perspective- (I used religion because it was the easiest example for me…) it can be offensive to a person when someone comes along and says, “Hey, the way you see this is wrong. The way I see it is the correct way!” Know what I mean?

Like, when I have a perspective, I am resistant to changing it. I think that it is important to understand how someone feels about something, respect that and then share what you think- but to not push your way as THE way. People are more apt to consider your information or at least not immediately reject it if you share it in a non domineering way.

( I guess the areas that I am referring to are, religion, personal health decisions (Like how to address ADD…) insert other personal-non- harmful belief systems here… )

It’s like saying, “The only way to see cancer is this way. THIS is the true way to beat cancer!)

I’m saying, “Live and let live…” However you want to explain your existence in this world is fine by me, as long as it is something that doesn’t hurt others or actively destroys the world around us, and isn’t oppressive to others.

Ok, so I hope that I understood where you were coming from. I’m a bit scatter brained today! I thought you were disagreeing that it was possible to convert people, or for people to change their minds over religion, Twas not what I was trying to convey, nor was I trying to debate the science vs. religion issue. :)

YAAAAAAY Discourse! -roachella.