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Re: Attention Dialed Into a Higher Dimension

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well this is definitely an interesting post. being that this is the first time on the site and using the forums, i was compelled to read a few threads and see if they were like the rest of the internet and full of trolls. of course I pick this thread to read and am immediately confused…however seeing some of the replies, i think its safe to say that this forum hasn’t been infested. haha.

and for those not familiar with the lingo, an internet troll can often be seen making ridiculous remarks like “hitler was the man,” and continuing to support that “view” simply to get a rise out of the rest of the forum..sounds like the arch nemesis of an ad/hd-er on or off the internet, eh?

anyway, it was very interesting to read roachella’s comments because i can agree in full with them. namely:

“The thing is, whatever you want to call or explain ADD- it doesn’t really matter to me. What matters is if you have it, how it effects your life, and how effective approaches are in dealing with those challenges. Pegging it on colors isn’t going to make my challenges go away. People can have their theories, but it doesn’t make my life easier to live. I mean- I’m still going to pile up dishes, have issues with social interactions…just to name a couple of things.”

spot. on. +1