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Re: Attorney with ADD/ADHD?

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A large portion of my job is law-related and I’ve been realizing (after a few months with the benfit of meds) I need to computerize, computerize, computerize. Also – double checking isn’t enough for me – I have to triple check for accuracy if something has extreme consequences for errors. (which is a lot of what I do) I don’t have any great proofreaders helping me right now, so I don’t trust that.

There’s nothing worse than asking someone to proofread and then they don’t really do it. Some people will just hand it back to you later on and say – “looks great!” (Then I find all the mistakes later after it’s too late)

Pieces of paper are not my friend, and I delegate the organizing of paper to other staff as much as I can. Despite that, my office still looks like a fire hazard, but the more I go “paperless” the better I am at keeping track of all the projects, their progress, and the oodles of supporting documents.

I have upgraded to a copy machine that scans to pdf and emails documents to me. I have put in one database, and I have two more being implemented. I save every email, scan, etc. and have it set up so I can run searches and queries to make sure I haven’t lost track of anything. Now that I realize there’s a real problem, I’m no longer in denial, and I have become much more diligent about writing everything down, scheduling everything in my calendar even if it seems like something I couldn’t possibly forget about, and setting many alerts and alarms throughout the day.

I think I might just keep my job after all!! (But I’m still appalled at the simple mistakes I make)