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Re: Avoiding sex, yet addicted to sex?

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@TheBishop72: Yes, I’d considered that he may have a bit of a Madonna/Whore complex. You may be right on the money here. To clarify, his addiction is definitely not to porn. I enjoy porn myself, and have encouraged him to watch with me, but he never seems interested. I have snooped and have seen the kind of porn he watches, and there’s only one word to describe it: TAME! (at least compared to the norm, or to what I prefer). I don’t think he has a very high interest in porn. It’s strippers. That’s definitely where his addictive tendencies lie. Because it had occurred to me that he doesn’t want to see me in this way, I stopped trying to titillate him with sexy clothing, adventurous sexual activity, etc. When we have sex, it’s quite vanilla. That seems to be what he prefers, which is actually totally fine. But god, I just wish he’d initiate, and I wish we had sex more often. It’s frequency that’s really the problem. Well, that and the fact that I’m concerned he’s letting out all his sexual energy with other women. I am NOT opposed to strip clubs or sex workers. I’m only concerned because it has created problems in his life, and because he doesn’t seem to share his sexuality with me. Any advice about how I can get him to open up to me about this? I really appreciate your comments, everyone. It’s such a relief to be able to discuss it.