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Not a doc, either.

I’ve been taking vitamin B for a couple of years now, at the request of my eye doctor. Supposedly, it helps prevent macular degeneration, which is pretty strong on my mom’s side. As far as ADD goes, I notice absolutely no energy level difference, and my skin isn’t clear, which one label promised.

Really, I wonder if any doctor could tell you for sure, except your own. I just notice that I process meds so differently from others, I’m thinking it’s a very individual thing. I’m assuming this type of thing is best left up to a doc who has access to your medical records. My doctor has been adjusting my doses based on my records, his observations, and our conversations together.

It’s also possible to overdose on some vitamins, and I think B may be one of those. It’s added to many foods already. Really, I think calling your doc might be the best bet before proceeding to go off your meds in favor of a vitamin that you probably are already getting, as Jenetically Modified points out.