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Re: Been looking for the positives…

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Bibliophile, thanks for your response. I don’t think there is any positive trait that comes from having ADHD. It’s a disorder and I’m okay with that. But every one of us has strengths and what I’m finding now is that some of my strengths have undoubtedly come from learning to cope with the symptoms.

This is a really good thing. I have a lot of positive qualities that for a few months I simply could no longer see, because all I could see was what was holding me back – my ADHD. But now I’m turning a corner and seeing not only that the ADHD has held me back but that, in some ways, it has enabled some of my strengths to be tested and developed.

This is true of any hardship. I’m stronger for having dealt with some pretty crappy things that life has thrown at me. Sink or swim. I’m glad I’m swimming – for the most part!