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This is really interesting. I feel as if, for the moment, I’ve fallen right into the middle of the ‘gift’/’curse’ camps. This is a disorder and I don’t believe any of the symptoms are positive, so to that end I’m in the ‘curse’ camp. However, I also know that adversity forces people to work harder somehow – whether it’s fighting for our lives or dealing with grief or trying to make ends meet with very little money, or maybe dealing with a disorder or illness.

And everyone has strengths – including all of us. Although some people feel these strengths come with their ADHD, I don’t see it that way. They’re just a part of me, like the ADHD is. The strengths, the faults, the good, the bad, the joys and the sorrows – all just me.

So, if my ADHD was stolen from me in the night I’d do a merry dance of joy. but given that it’s here, what have I gained from fighting it? And that’s what I’ve written above. The ADHD didn’t give me those strengths – it just made me use them, maybe?