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Re: Benefit to ADHD

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I was thinking about this one the other day and decided that you can find “benefits” to just about any misfortune.

For example, if you are totally blind, you don’t have to worry about buying light bulbs. There are organizations that will give you a free dog. Benefits to a poor education are that you will probably only qualify for more labor intensive jobs and the exercise will help keep you healthy. Benefits to having ADHD are kinda like these examples. Poor memory means you are forgiving because you either don’t remember wrongs against you or you’re too busy with some ADD crisis that you don’t have time for grudges or you don’t have enough friends to piss away any of them.

Actually about the only positive thing I may have found with ADD is that I am able to keep myself supremely entertained with the constant chatter and conversations going on in my head. Without the noise, I would probably be lonely.