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Hi toofat: Thank you for the post. I was beginning to believe I was being censord, and my posts were not being displayed to anyone else. Sounds like we have both have made lemonade, while others with the same “gift” are still stuck with lemons. I do have some some bad times emotionaly, but what a feeling for the majority of the time when your riding high in the “ZONE”. We are only limited by our own imagination. It took a lot of years, mainly through trial and error, to assemble an arsenal of natural products, and a lifestyle to minimize the rough times, and maximize the good.

Maybe we both had just a flesh wound from the ADHD bullet, and not a direct hit like a lot of other people on this site seem to have got. It seems no one is interested in looking into homeopathic, herbal, and over the counter aids that may allow them to ease up and possibly get off some of these mind altering drugs, with medical supervision of course. Possibly they tried everything and it did not help. My heart heart goes out to the strugling people on this site.

It’s true I still require medication to sleep, but I am constantly searching to upgrade my bag of tricks. It’s a constant battle, but you have to maintain the best physical condition you can so your own “Natural Army” is ready to fight.

If this post seems like a lot of BS, just think of it as the ramblings of an old fart enjoying a mega senior’s moment.