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I understand RB, no your not censored. There are many people (particularly on this site) who appear to be a world of hurt because of many things life has placed before them ……… including how their unusual and powerful brain processes(s) information.

I like the “wounded by a bullet”…..I have also been thru trials in my life …… but isn’t likely hard to find somebody on this spinning orb who hasn’t to one degree or another…. I do believe it’s degrees. I certainly don’t want to minimize anybodies thoughts or problems…. but it does sometimes take real initiative (as you say ) and determination to harness and take advantage of our brains and..make our lives shine….. It may involve giving up a lot of or all of one’s traditional thinking and beliefs and looking in a completely different corner…particularly if what a person has tried and tried and tried..all bring the same disappointing results.

I too believe that physical health and mental health are one too RB….to me they are key….they cannot be separated. If there is a place to start, indeed, that could be it!!! There is so much out there both traditional and naturopathic that tells us this truth!!! It is interesting that disease and dis-ease are both spelled the same!!!!

Trouble sleeping???? My sleep aids involve reading until I’m tired….. and quickly shutting out the light and or ( I gotta be fast )….deep breathing also seems to work. I just started the deep breathing..( Dr. Oz) it works very well but not always. Also I have a TV on in my bedroom…… it seems I love to be told a story at bedtime…hahahahahahahahha….then suddenly…..Poof….. it’s morning!!

Bad times emotionally…. RB???? Opps none of my business….sorry. I’m a naturally curious beast…..

Anyway, yes….I too go to a naturopath too ……..I figure there is more under the sun than the big pharmacy companies….. the Asian cultures have been practicing medicine for centuries, long before America was discovered…successfully too!!!! So I am a vitamin and herbal person as well. Somethings western medicine can’t cure!!! The cure is worse than the symptom!!!! Yikes!!!!

I like to think my key elements are as follows….eat well (healthy), exercise hard (often & regular))……play as much as possible (alone or with friends)… become comfortable with who you are and your own company in particular, keep a few good good close friends…… what more???? Love the life I live…. and live the life I love!!!

Life is great……. I’m / we are very fortunate………. like I said I love the way my brain works…… it has provided me to with such a rich life I can’t imagine being any other way!!!!!

Sorry for skipping around but…… that’s what we do….right!

Nice to connect…….