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I agree folks…….from what I have seen ….what also shows is desperation!! It appears folks who have social issues and are in strong search of social acceptance and a social group or network usually alienate that which they so strongly seek. People seem to be able to sense that urgent desire for close social interaction and find it to be less than acceptable…… and in turn reject!!!

I don’t know why that is but, experience tells me that that is a common trait in almost all walks of life. The opposite also appears to be true, the less you need or desire social interaction the more people are drawn to you??? Like opposites attract….. it maybe something in the aloofness or confidence exuded….. I don’t know but it definitely appears to be true.

I guess could go on with the whole “alfa” thing but I believe, it really it boils down to the very simple……. self image (positive or negative) begets self esteem (positive or negative)….so the really critical piece we have been talking about is initial “self love”…… and comfort in ones own skin….. without those key pieces a positive social environment maybe difficult to obtain.

For me ( my opinion only )……there is no way around doing ones inner work……. all health (social, physical or otherwise ) appear to be critically connected. For me starts with self!!!

……hmmm this feels like the start of a rant…….hahahahhaha….