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Hey RB…not only do I rely on it…… it revel in it. My brain function has afforded me so much in the way of career and soft benefits (artistic and visually creative in sites) that I would not have it any other way.

I look at the linear/compartmentalized brain folk and think gee….. that’s too bad. I feel gifted and very fortunate indeed. Yes, my brain function sets me apart form the crowd in many ways…but that’s the charm, isn’t it??. I have no need or desire to be in the middle of the flock….. there is no magic there. I once read a book titled “Drumming at the Edge of Magic”….. I believe that is where the magic lies….. at the edge!!!!

The real trial….. the difficulty maybe…..is to understand the manner in which our brains function, and to be able to harness that drive and make it work for you. Many people struggle with that….. but many people struggle with many things in life…..ADD or Non-ADD..?????