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April- when you have some time watch some of the informational videos on the totallyadd.com WEBsite. Dr Jain and the team have put together a great package explaining ADD, how it affects people, and treatment strategies.

He stresses that, although some people go on the meds long term, for a lot of ADDers medications are a powerful short term tool that help you “reprogram” your life, routine and behaviours in ADD-friendly terms. Once these all important basic routines become ingrained, the brain should carry them out the same way, almost in an “auto pilot” mode when the meds are stopped.

Like all medications, those for ADD have side effects and contra-indications. In the end, it becomes sort of a “cost benefit” analysis. ie what are the potential problems/hazards of the medication and how do those comapre to the benefits?

The ADD meds typically fall into 2 groups: stimulant based, and non-stimulant based.

The stimulant-based treatments like Ritalin, Dexedrine, Biphentin, Adderal, etc have enjoyed incredible success in ADD treatment but have also gotten a pretty bad rap in the media. There is a LOT of misinformation on the internet about them. This WEBsite as well as the http://www.caddra.ca and http://www.caddac.ca WEBsites offer a great place to start informaing yourself with medically correct, non-biased information about the different meds available.