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Turbo is right, I have been on Adderal for about six months now and truthfully it makes all the difference in the world. What I found is if you take the time to read the contraindications of medications they will scare the heck out of you. It is time for a “reality check” If the contra-indications were the norm then why is it that stimulent medications so widely used? The answer is they work and usually are well tolerated. Contraindications cover extreme circumstances that are NOT the norm but under extreme situations have occured.

Medications such as Adderal target specific rececptors in the ADD brain and help it to “settle down” so that you can function more predictably and to your satisfaction; as Dr. Jain has said before stimulent based medications have been given a bad rap over the years their effectiveness is well documented since the 1930s.

All I can say is try it and then decide for yourself. Adderal works for me maybe it will work for you. Believe me when I say, not treating ADD is far scarier than the medication because of the amount of control you have in your life is far less.