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Patte Rosebank
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As I understand it, all ADHD medications, even a non-stimulant like Strattera, can raise blood pressure. And Strattera’s fact sheet specifically warns about use by persons being treated for high blood pressure or heart conditions.

If your previous medication was working, but raised your blood pressure, and the Strattera isn’t working for you, then maybe you should go back to your previous medication, plus something to deal with your blood pressure. That “something” could be a change in your diet, or a supplement like Omega 3, or a blood pressure drug.

You really need to discuss all this with your new doctor. Before your appointment, visit some *legitimate* medical websites (that is, NOT the ones trying to sell you some “miracle, non-drug cure”), and read the fact sheets on the various ADHD medications. Write down any important points, and any questions that occur to you. That way, you and your doctor will be able to determine whether the benefits of taking a particular drug outweigh the potential risks for you.