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When i went through school teacher’s did what they pleased. The strap was one that I had often but looking back I remeber in art class a girl taking next to me and the teacher told me to be quite after the second time she told me I raised my voice and said it’s not me! Down to the pricnclepals office strap on my hands.

The worst was a dunce cap put on my head while I sat on a stool in front of the class,those were the days. My mother went to a one room school house and the teacher said if you don’t learn your spellings your going to get the strap . Well my mother end up getting the strap.

So she got the strap and she told her grandmother. My grandmother went and cut an allder switch and went to the one room school house and started beating the teacher. She got him fired. yup school. I know we come from a history of ADHD people. Back in them hills of Nova Scotia. Clamdigger