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MerryMac wrote: “I get flashes of absolute brilliance and then they’re gone! Like lightning through my brain…..

But I MUST blurt them out before these pearls of wisdom are lost forever to the cosmos!!

(Or that’s how I feel, anyway..the other person probably thinks.. ‘There she goes again.blah blah blah..’)

My ADHD friends and I seem to be on the exact wavelength. When we interrupt each other, the coversation zigs and zags and is much more fun! “


When I was a kid, the ongoing joke was that I would prance around like I had to pee, trying to squeeze a word in edgewise into a conversation only to be frustrated when someone changed the topic OR went on and on ad nauseum until I forgot what I was going to say… and I would be so angry and disappointed, moaning, “Ohhh I LOST it!” Yeah, big joke, folks. Har de har har.

Sometimes when you get into a conversation groove with someone, the time just flies. A friend of mine and I get into these deep, long-winded meaning-of-life conversations with occasional veering into unrelated topics. If the conversation was compared to driving, we’d likely be pulled over for suspected DUI. But hey! that’s just the way we converse! And I have to say that I always leave a gab session with my friend feeling lighter, cheerier, and more understood. It’s like taking out the emotional kitty litter box; you have to do it now and then or else it will runneth over. And nobody likes it when that happens.