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I worked in a small room with five others, which was divided into cubes. My concentration was always a problem and I always blurted things out. For some reason I’ve got a memory for stupid facts and always wanted to spout off corrections to my coworkers conversations. My coworkers all knew about my ADD and usually gave me the benefit of the doubt, but there were some things that they couldn’t ignore. I created friction when there didn’t need to be any. Luckily, I was moved to my own office due to work needs. I have since started taking Ritalin LA. I still have to work closely with these people and have many group meetings with them and my supervisor. The Ritalin has enabled me to slow down enough to “shut up” a good deal of the time, but I still put my foot in my mouth sometimes. It’s a slow process, but I feel like I’m making some progress.